Zimbabwean Hiphop Should Be Proud Of Cal_Vin (@IamCal_vin)

Zimbabwean Hiphop Should Be Proud Of Cal_Vin (@IamCal_vin)

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Whoever imagined that from the heart of Luveve an artiste who makes tangible moves would emerge? I mean we always have looked at certain individuals to make moves for us in the country, we have never known Bulawayo to make very notable moves. I’m not saying that Bulawayo artistes have been under-performing. They have been working hard but location seemed to make it harder to get there.

Download Cassper Nyovest Cal_VinCal_vin broke into Zimbabwe’s mainstream last year with Bebengakholwa (Which means – They didn’t believe). The song carries prophecy if you ask me because even after the Cassper Nyovest move there are a lot of doubters in our midst and naysayers. There was a lot of happinesss by some rappers on social media to see the artiste being bashed in a pregnancy scandail by the media but at the end of the day he is Zimbabwean isn’t he? For some people they feel like his success means their downfall but I believe his success means Zimbabwe can once again be looked at. 

Casspper Nyovest also benefits much from this collaboration by the way especially because he has trying to clear his country’s name on Xenophobia. This is not really about Harare vs Bulawayo or Shona vs Ndebele as many have turned it to. This is about  the media giving Zimbabwean Hip-hop unanimous attention and I urge Cal_vin not to sleep on this. It’s easy to lose the limelight in a heartbeat. 

I personally enjoyed the Z’khuphani song and I think the homeboy represented well. Like Bars 263 would’ve said, Zim Hip-hop to The World. Spread Hiphop. Get the song below

Get The song free ; Cal_Vin – Z’khuphani ft Cassper Nyovest



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