Why You Should Vote For Black Bird (@BlackBirdAfrica)- Waiting For Love at NAMA Awards

Black Bird had one of the best videos across genres last year. It wasn’t only a hit for Zim Hip-hop but it actually out did most videos across genres. The NAMA’s (National Arts Merits Awards) are upon us and she has been nominated forbeing producer of The Video Waiting For Love.
Even her rivals cannot deny that that video deserves a win, but Zim Hip hop it’s time to take that award and make a name for Hip hop.This award is not only going to benefit Black Bird, although it will go to her name. It will indeed put our name on the map as we have been blasted left right and centre for lack of representation. I have always believed Zim Hip hop  takes time to create quality work. Even the most ridiculed videos in our genre are higher quality than celebrated videos in other genres. I mean even that video that you all laughed at last year… yes that one, it’s way better than the best in other genres on a real talk tip. I am proud to say I will be  voting for Black Bird and I will be reminding everyone through out the week.  Black Bird has really done a lot for Zimbabwean hip hop  in terms of ideas and pushing us to platforms, why don’t we do this for her , build hip hop and stay focused.Not only will this encourage her to keep doing great work, the spirit will spread to us all. Once one of us gets a NAMA  trust me it will motivate the whole industry to work hard on videos and other categories so that we take over the whole NAMA next year (since ZHHA is working on improving).
The awards will be held for the second year running in Bulawayo on February 15 at the Rainbow Hotel, be sure to vote for Zim Hip hop. In fact why don’t you do so right after this article.Follow me on twitter @Mcpotar or like my page Mcpotar for daily updates on innovating Zim Hip-hop, I follow back within 2 days unless I’m dead. be free to give me suggestions on how to make the website better.

Send NAMA #BLACKBIRD to 39436

Vote For Black Bird At Nama Awards

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