Viral Video On Zim 15 billion Reaches 25,000 views in hours

The King of Shona vernac Hip-hop is now about to become the King of viral videos after dropping an online viral video on his Facebook profile, which easily accumulated 25,000 views and above 792 shares within 20 hours, with no sponsored advert.

The video shows Noble Stylz in actual tears over the missing 15 billion dollars in Zim. It is funny as hell no wonder it has made virality with no sponsorship. (read full story on New Zimbabwe to understand)

Noble Stylez, as he is known in rap circles is a modern philosopher and he regularly delivers witty polical satire to lighten the stress that we face as a corrupt third world country. He has always attracted massive responses in him status updates but 25,000 is mainstream success. Perhaps that’s what he m,eant in R.Peel’s “Usazvifurire” when he claimed to have more presence than hip-hop shows he gets interviews on.

Well that’s his more pompus side. You can expect it from the masvingo born emcee who has over the years given us 3 solid projects Masofa Panze 1 to 3, silencing critics and gatekeepers. Is he now taking the same stance, politically? Is it a safae move.

Well i must reveal that he has a show called Sound Of silence, which will have more intense political and social satire. He also has made comedy out of religious trends in his recent offering with the beautiful Blacperl.

Ungovernable, unstoppable… 25,000 views. I am awed. Watch it here

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