Veryus To Spread Various Tracks Like A Virus

Veryus To Spread Various Tracks Like A Virus

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The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the name “Veryus” was the word “Various” and the phrase “Very Us”. Meaning basically the artistes in this young compilation would pretty much be “Doing them selves” (by that I do not mean self-stimulation)…  The project is “very them”.

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Now according to this group:
”’Veryus’ is an eclectic collective of artists who have aligned their efforts as a cohesive unit to achieve a ‘break’ in the music industry and creating an art not bound by the borders of Zimbabwe.”

It basically comprises of 7 artistes from my basic understanding: Chengeto Brown, Fluid, Marcques, Mile, Rue, uBu and Verseless Philo.

Verseless Philo of course barely ever disappoints. A soft-spoken Zimbabwean nerd, multi-potentialist, paint-brush like hair-swag , of course you expect creativity from him definitely and of course anyone he works with. Usually we are accustomed to him putting in work with Mile, Marcques and sometimes he does a few beats for T-shoC (another crazy genius guy).

There is good representation of the divas, Rue, uBu and Chengeto Brown who bring balance to this project with that feminine touch. The project is complete with their mellow vocalizations to buffer the more rough side of art represented by the male hip-hop artistes.

Each individual in this collective manages to express their art in their own way to create one big product whose artwork I must say was taken time on and well perfected. The marketing plan looks well organized from the branding and PR marketing perspective.

This compilation promises to be one that leaves a footprint on our beloved Zimbabwean soil before denting it’s edge on the face of the earth.

The Effect of Collaborations

This group has been very wise I must say to collaborate and build something together. Things will always work out in the long haul for those who create symbiotic relationships to achieve goals as a team. Given they have laid structures and groundwork on how to resolve any future misunderstandings they will go where they otherwise would not have gone alone.

I hope this is not just a one time project where individuals from the clique will not be available to create with others for future projects. We have seen this happen in the local sphere a lot and that’s how a lot of brands that once were collapsed.

Using that knowledge of the past as wisdom of the present I urge the 7 (which is a very symbolic number of completion in any religion) to work together and even be there to support each other outside of the business.

We want another Veryus catalog, it’s an impressive catalog. I give it 4 stars. I’m keeping the other one, just in case…


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