Ti Gonzi ‘Zvenyu’ Video Premiers

Ti Gonzi ‘Zvenyu’ Video Premiers

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After a fruitful year that saw him scooping various awards at the Zim Hip Hop Awards,garnering a feature with Cindy Raw and riding on mainstream success with the hit ‘Zvenyu’ ,Ti Gonzi has finally managed to put out  the visual for his 2015 successful hit .Shot at an unspecified location and production done by B.Identified Media House the video serves as a  social anthem depicting the lives and daily hustles of various people in the ghetto.

The video’s strengths lie in its appropriate depiction of  life hustles and its non exaggeration of ghetto life but fails to shift this theme throughout the video.There are plots where the video fails to blend from one concept to the other visually  and when the parts remain stagnant when a sustainable plot could have been implemented.I applaud Ti Gonzi for playing around with his much publicized arrest for whiskey theft as seen with the newspaper cutting displayed of the stories on the video.I think for me that was the main highlight for the video.With a missing Baller Mandizha on the video ,Ti Gonzi takes on the role of rapping his part too.

The video is a fair attempt for a first visual but for a song that was big for most of 2015, Ti Gonzi played it safe and failed to do much for such a track with broad themes .If you haven’t peeped it you can stream it below and tell me what your opinions are on the visual.

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