The Type of Song You Listen To When God Comes Through

The Type of Song You Listen To When God Comes Through

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Praise and Worship plays a big role in the Church. It’s almost inseperable but is commonly assumed to be soulful. Few people ever think of a hip-hop song when it comes to praise or even worship but the new breed of CHH (Christian Hip-hop) artists are fast roving it can be done.

We can speak of Courtney Antipas (formerly IllCeey), Prophecy, G.I.L, Whistle and C-Verb amongst others

Well recently I got hold of something by an artist you may have never heard of but is equally thorough when it comes to kicking it. The Christian rapper goes by the name, AN3SU.. He has a song called , “He came through”.

It’s the type of song you should play when God comes through. Given he always comes through perhaps it will have a permanent spot on your playlist if it moves you the way it did me.

He is talking about how Jesus Christ has managed to save him from many struggles and opened opportunities for him. Counting the blessings.

As far as the craft, I am impressed by his lyricism as well. A good message is nothing if the delivery is weak, but you can tell that AN3SU has taken time out to create something fluid for his artistry. II hear G.I.L sat on the production to this. It’s good to know how is sticking to some Kingdom Based business.

You can get the song through any of these links.

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