The Most Pompous Status Mcpotar Has Ever Written

This is known as the most pompous status update Mcpotar has ever written.


Warning!!! – This posts contains a lot of pompous statements…
I hate being disturbed by trivia when I am trying to create HISTORICALLY relevant art… see I am the first ZIM HIP-HOP artiste to have his own Comic Strip… that’s HISTORICALLY relevant. In 2013, I animated my own Video. Sure there were some animated Zim vids before me…
That’s why I don’t like being disturbed when am busy making HISTORY. The only way some people will appear in History is by dissing me.. they will be written as “The guy who the first Zim Hiphopper with a Comic Strip ignored”.
See when you interact with Kings you have a fair chance of being written in History but it wont always be in a good way. Just imagine how Briss Mbada is to appear in Cal_Vin’s Biography, then imagine Cal_Vin in Breezy’s Bio… Noble will bring the sad part of Tatea’s biography etc… lol.
Even this very status will go down in History as the most pompous status I ever wrote… SEE… we make HISTORICALLY relevant statements.‪#‎GoForTheWiFi‬

Here is my 2013 animation, My Struggle

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