The Blog Turns 3 This May And This Is How I Feel

It feels like yesterday when I was planning to establish a website to create on but it has been nearly 3 years. In 2013 I sat down and decided to make a website where I would write poetry , social articles and hip-hop commentary. That site was to be named after myself – Mcpotar.

There was no original intention of making it entirely about Hip-hop but overtime the Hip-hop articles have outnumbered my topics on other subjects such that I and the people have branded it as a Hip-hop platform and I have in similar fashion been branded a “Hip-hop Person”, loved and hated for pretty much the same reasons.

Of course over-time I have grasped the fact that there is no art to please everyone on the way to my destination. A lot of people seem to tell me how I should do it when they never did it.

3 years and still going strong, thinking of times I would have quit. – Over bills, over hecklers, over stress and such but somehow the large support groups I keep around me have helped me cope with the pressure. The people that thank me and recognize, award, share these articles made the 3 years possible.

On the 8th of March, the Mcpotar blog turns 3 and we plan to make a fuss out of it. Yes it’s now a WE thing.

If I could I’d go back in time and change the name of this blog to something more collective. You have read articles from Mimy, Terence Machisa and Leroy Dzenga on this platform among others and that’s how much the platform has grown.

Nominated twice at awards, won once. In my mind it has really won since the year it wasn’t even nominated.

Will keep you updated with what’s going on, in the 3rd year.


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