We last reviewed award nominated T1 Wema1 ‘s  album when it was for sale around Harare. Well it seems Mr. Mhuriro was makingt plans to sell it on-line via the major outlets, Google Play, i-Tunes and so forth. He calls it Ghetto African Hip-hop because he talks about the realities in Zimbabwe.

T1 has received multiple award nominations at the forthcoming 2015 Zimbabwe Hip-hop Awards.

“I’m happy for getting nominated. Me and my team put in a lot of work into Inzwa the album and I personally put in a lotta time and effort worthy of being nominated for Best Newcomer.” – he said.

iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/InzwaiTunes
Bandcamp: http://tinyurl.com/InzwaBandcamp
Google Play: http://tinyurl.com/InzwaGooglePlay

A lot of people who bought the CD have said that it was a brilliant depiction of the ghetto life in Africa. T1 Wema 1 is from.

“I was quite impressed by the response I’m getting with regards to album sales. To date we’ve sold hundreds of copies. I strategically priced the CD copies of my album at $1 with simple yet effective packaging so as to ensure that I’d push volumes. Surprisingly, some highly appreciative individuals are paying more than $1 with the most I’ve received for a single CD being $10!” – he added.

Tannia from Jungle Global complained this week how the Zimbawean Chart on i-Tunes had no Zimbabweans yet there were now so many Zimbabwean albums for sale on the platform. I asked T1 Wema1 to give me his opinion on this.

“I’ll be embarking on a major marketing drive to promote my upcoming video for Mangwana – one of the tracks on Inzwa as well as the itunes link to the album. I’m hoping my album can play a huge role in paving the way for having Zimbo artists on the iTunes Zimbabwean Charts.”

There you have it please support this brother by purchasing the album.

T1 Wema1 Buy Now

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