Sinbad 90 Masters The Art Of Variety In ‘The Rap Theory:Lost Tape’...

Sinbad 90 Masters The Art Of Variety In ‘The Rap Theory:Lost Tape’ Ep(@sinbad_90)

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The beauty of hip hop will always lie in the art of storytelling and the elements of creating a vivid picture of various dynamics of social life but many rappers have always staggered in this category resorting to popular braggadocio raps .Its this art of storytelling that makes Sinbad’s secretly released Ep ‘The Rap Theory’ stand out when it comes to my special mentions.

The once off Zim hip hop awards nominee is no stranger to the mic having found his way into music as a young choirboy back in Kadoma.Firming his growth from being a mere choirboy to a rapper paving his way from a small town,Sinbad’s Ep release comes at a time when the competition is stiff due to other earlier Ep releases throughout the year.His ghetto upbringing does much justice to his art as he proves he is deadly with the pen and his gripping storytelling skills are sharpened on this ten track project.

The Ep boasts of features that include Kidd Aktive,Savage,Baller,Henry and new comers T Flow and Kid Flo but in the midst of sensational guest appearances ”The Rap Theory: Lost Tapes” makes time to touch on a variety of issues such as the day to day street life(I Chose This Life), hustle, turning up(Chema Real Geez), daily life challenges faced by youths especially those from the ghetto and goes further to undress Sinbad’s hood character to a man who is willing to do anything( Ndichadzoka) for his lady and his son ,who also appears on his cover art. Arguably one of his most experimental music piece to date, the Ep sways through contradictions of sounds owed much to a variety of producers he brought on the project.Sinbad announced that the Ep would serve as an introduction before his album ‘Broke Or Not’ drops. The Rap Theory:Lost Tapes is available for streaming and download on the below Soundcloud link.

Outstanding Tracks: Chema Real Geez , Bars , Mamoyo,I Chose This Life

Production: Dj Krimz, Take Fizzo ,Isaac Pro ,Taffy D ,Zviro Beats,Boy Tricky,RapperHolik,Tasha Mwana Wa Mai

Production Value:8/10

Replay Value     :6/10

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