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Why do I do it?

It honestly is a passion but now doubles a s a means to an end. Ultimately I do it to make my clients stand out and be able to meet their bottom lines. The motive of marketing is mostly to maintain or create brand awareness of ones products. The ideas that work for South Africa and Zimbabwe may be different from what is recommended in other countries. 

What do I do?

As a creative consultant I come up with brand marketing strategies for small businesses, hip-hop artistes, churches, schools and civic organizations in South Africa and Zimbabwe. I make use of my edge in article writing, comedy writing, 2-D animation and vector illustration skills. I usually use  Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and other  vector software to come up with cartoons, jokes or marketing articles.

For how much?

To get a quote call or Whatsapp me on +27795564016 or email me on

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