P-Oney Drops A Video For Hakuna

P-Oney Drops A Video For Hakuna

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We all have heard of T1 right?

Well there is P-Oney, of course I am not talking about an IBM computer from back in the day, but I am talking about a Zimbabwean based music artiste, who recently dropped a video tited Hakuna.

The song talks about nay-sayers, haters and how they spread falsehoods aor look forward to the artistes shortcomings/

The video is a regular local party scene, where the rapper is with  his friends and some ladies in the mix. Jamaican flag colours in the background or perhaps #thisflag, you know yellow, gree n and red.

Everyone at the party gets an opportunity to show off some dance moves in front of the backdrop as the rapper uses Shona to rap.

I will say you will love this one if you are a big fan of the urban grooves culture we embraced back in the day. The hook is somewhat urban groove era like and well rap will always be rap.

Watch his video below to judge for yourself.

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