Minister Xndr Drops First Single Of Upcoming Album (@anonzixndr)

Whilst I sometimes refer to Anonzi Xndr as the “Minister of Controversy and Higher Shade-itation” I also forget to mention that he is the Doctor of hits. We have his track record to prove it. However year by year as a practicing Doctor he must renew his licence as is expected.

And so he did.

His new single Crazy Now which is now available for purchase on Whatsapp features a gifted girl and boy duet. Galis Kush and Sheraine. It is a break-up song that many will definitely relate to. The vocals are life. The single is the first of an album he is reportedly working on this year.

GalisKush is a new REHAB signee who represents the Zim Dancehall scene and has reportedly been breaking new ground in Mbare.  He sets the tone on this song to which Sheraine responds.

Sheraine is also a new REHAB signee who is representing as an RnB artiste. I fell in love with her voice on this one and I don’t care what any of you say, she’s amazing okay.

Anonzi Xndr, the executive producer said Crazy Now is now available for purchase for a dolla via his Whatsapp number.+263774044648

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