Macheso To Work With Zim Dancehall and Hiphop Artistes

I received a 411 yesterday that Alick Macheso, the sungura Maestro intends to invest in the young genres, Hip-hop and Dancehall having noted that the future generations are more inclined to them.

The sungura king said that what the young ones lacked sometimes was support and direction from the big guys.

“It’s time for us to recognize what our kids are doing and intervene as parents. I have taken time over the years to look at these youngsters.”

Currently he is already working on something with Zim Dancehall icon Killa T. I wonder who the first Hiphop act will be.

Perhaps Ti Gonzi, Jnr Brown, Sharky or even Tehn will be first. I havw sources that claim that 2 of those 4 may be roped into the deals but I cannot yet disclose.

This certainly is some good news for Zim Hiphop and Dancehall in your dreams, because it’s an April fools hoax and you have been had.

(Photo Cred. Zezuru Creatives)

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