I Cried When I Heard The Amen Remix : Jnr Brown and...

I Cried When I Heard The Amen Remix : Jnr Brown and Cal_Vin (@IamCal_Vin x @JnrBrown263)

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I cried today when I heard the new Cal_Vin and Jnr Brown remix to Amen. It was an emotional moment for me and their feud was always an emotional issue to me because I loved both their contributions in the Zimbabwean music industry.  Their conflict had just torn me apart and had put me and many fans in a position to choose one, when we would have just chose both.

I mean it’s totally okay to like both and one more than the other, but when there are rumours circulating that there was rivalry and there are rumours of violence or threats and such. It alters how you view both parties as role models.

Remember even as a blogger, I am human first. So I have certain implicit biases here and there based on my emotional reaction to certain things.I said I cried today, tears of joy, tears of relief and Zim Hip-hop is free again.

I support anyone who worked on putting these two to the conflict resolution table. God bless that man or woman. I have not yet interviewed any of them or their PR and I would not like to do so because they have already programmed themselves to respond in a uniform way. So today I write as a fan of Zim Hip-hop.

We can have 2 or more shining stars in Zimbabwe, lets never put people in a position to choose. In America I like Immortal Technique, I like Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Nicki, Ross all at the same time. I want to enjoy Breezy and Cal_Vin at the same time and they have made it possible.

I cried today.

Get the song Here -Amen Remix – Jnr Brown ft. Cal_Vin Historically relevant stuff.

Cal_Vin Jnr Brown Remix Amen

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