How Did You Feel About Zim Hip-hop Jan to March 2016 (Survey)

A lot has happened so far in Zim Hip-hop this year (2016) between January and March. Most of the time we bombard you with what we think.

Please assist us with this information.

Zim Hip-hop First Quarter

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    We may have lost that School of Hip-hop slot on Power FM, but we still have more ways to propagate our art. Can You Kick It is another platform where Hip-hop artistes are able to showcase their talent and it is held in Harare. I linked up with Klasiq because…
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    It's time for Zim Hip-hop to accept Stunner. Zim Hip-hop is has a wide range of rappers and hip-hop heads (From Outspoken to Stunner... to Schingy), some of whom would like to believe that their quality of Hip-hop is realer than other people's hip-hop. There is is an inner battle…
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    We have carved in stone some commandments that we believe Zim Hip-hop should abide by. This is by no means a religious or spiritual thing so for those who will easily be offended by the use of the term “10 Commandments” just chill out. Nobody said they are coming from…
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    I always appreciate it when I get a notification that someone dropped a video on my wall and I  bookmark it for a day I will have broadband so that I can watch it. See where I live, it is really hard to access the internet. Today I just happened…
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