Hip Hop Meets Fashion As (@R_peels) Ventures Into Clothing And Design

Hip Hop Meets Fashion As (@R_peels) Ventures Into Clothing And Design

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Hip hop fashion compliments the expressions and attitudes of hip hop culture in general  with a touch of influence on its followers.Its one of the many tools that hip hop artistes embrace to stay in touch with their audience ( eg Courtney Antipas with LWDR )and to also branch out to other parts of the entertainment industry and that is what 21 year old rapper R peels has set his eye on.The young rapper will be venturing into fashion and design,a move he says has been on his mind,way before he started rapping seriously.In his own words the ‘Where Did King Go’ maker is setting the pace in venturing into various schemes of hip hop and creating an evolution of urban culture through clothing.R peels is readying himself to be a formidable brand  with future collaborations  with photographer Leeroy Dzenga.

Forgive My Honesty,his  E.P is set to début on the 7th of September.You can follow Rpeels @R_Peels) on Twitter and like his Facebook page R peels.


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Hip hop is alive and well…

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