DJ Oskarr 2nd Podcast and The Excuse For Delay

DJ Oskarr 2nd Podcast and The Excuse For Delay

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So after giving us an amazing debut Podcast, DJ Oskarr, a Zimbabwean son of the soil based in Cyprus gave us some silent treatment. Ironically this was when he was in Zimbabwe. When I asked him about it he was already equipped with excuses like.

1. I forgot it at home.

2. I got busy

3. My dog swallowed it…

No I’m joking. He just happened to be busy, while he was in Zimbabwe. He is a young architect and you know how folks be. He was definitely on demand but Hip-hop is meant to live on, so he will be giving us the second epiusode and then next in a week before the schedule normalizes.

Besides what right do I have to be checking out his excuses when I’ve been very quiet.  I say Os Karr keep dropping heat.

Get the podcast via this link

#ZimHipHop With Dj OsKaRR 2nd Episode by Dj Oskarr on Mixcloud


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