Courtney Antipas (Zim) Nominated For 2 awards at the Mzansi Gospel Awards...

Courtney Antipas (Zim) Nominated For 2 awards at the Mzansi Gospel Awards 2015

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Christian rap icon, Courtney Antipas has made Zimbabwe proud by scoring 2 nominations at the 2015 Mzansi Gospel Awards. The artiste has been working hard but who would have though he would be actually recognized beyond our borders. Sometimes when our artistes grind hard it’s easy to assume they are just big in Zim and can’t be big elsewhere.

Courtney being nominated for these awards shows that Zimbabwean Hip-hop does have an audience and is indeed growing despite claims by ranting artistes that it isn’t. The humble emcee has been acknowledged under Best Gospel Hiphop / RnB album of the year and Best Packaged Artiste of the year.

I can testify to his packaging, from a professional website, a mobile app to selling quality merchandise like leather caps. He also gives Stellar Performances because at Kingdom Artistes Indaba I actually made a comment that his live sound was top notch yet this was an event where multiple artistes performed on the same sound system. Somehow when his instrumentation came in we didn’t struggle to hear him. The performance was stellar. Packaging extends to his social media accounts where he avoids putting the Christian Brand he represents to disrepute though those that sympathize with Mudiwa may disagree. False was another story.

All the same we wish him victory and these nominations alone are actually victories. Awards and merits are good for motivation but we also pray that in his heart he has won God’s awards. It will mean nothing for him to win here and lose there.

If you don’t know who Courtney Antipas (formerly Ill Ceey) is please feel free to go to his website and download his mobile app to get his updates on the go.

Ill Ceey


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