Christian Rapper Courtney Antipas Speaks Out Against Discrimination

Christian Rapper Courtney Antipas Speaks Out Against Discrimination

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You may have heard of the Xenophobic attacks on Zimbabweans that have erupted in South Africa, the shooting of an unarmed blackman by police in United States of America and beheading of individuals by ISIS.

Christian Rapper Courtney Antipas (was IllCeey) has taken to  his Facebook account to vent out his opinion on the discrimination based on differences.

Here is what he had to say:

Will we ever and I mean EVER be
void of cultural supremacy issues
as humans. Beheadings in the
middle east, shootings in Kenya,
cops shooting unarmed individuals in the states,Xenophobia in SA, and the list goes on. When will be
get to the point where we embrace each others differences instead of reject or try and kill off others because of their differences? I just don’t understand. We all bleed the same colour, when will that mean something.

I guess it’s quite great that we have Christian Ambassadors that are conscious of the world we live in today. There is no doubt that Courtney Antipas is a thought leader to many people who can learn and change behaviours based on what he said.

Hiphop is a culture so outside of the booth we still get to live what we stand for and Courtney has definitely done that.

You can read his blogposts as well via his website.

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