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Get tips on how to be successful as an independent artist, how to market yourself as a Zimbabwean hip-hop artist especially.

10 Zim Producers Whose Work I Enjoy

  1. Yagi Dojo – I have never met this guy, he probably has never heard of me but his beat for Karizma’s Moving (NgNGv2) was quite good in my opinion. This guy is talented and I wouldn’t mind putting work with

Zim Hip-hop & Media Bias and My View

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Today I want to talk about the Zimbabwean Hip-hop industry and its tendency to have favourites. There is always a band or artist that seems to get to radio faster.

The “drinks for airplay” era is not over, it has …

My view on Zimbabwean poetry.

Poetry is in a coma

The Problem

Poetry is in trouble because it doesn’t have a strong audience. Most people that read poetry are other poets supporting their fellow poet colleagues. Regular people are un-aware of new poets in the