Bar “Poachers” Attacked in New T1 and Mile Song

Bar “Poachers” Attacked in New T1 and Mile Song

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You’ve probably heard gold digger by Kanye West and you thought, “aaargh, it’s about women”. Well there is the male type of gold digger as well. We find him in the bar. He won’t pay for drinks, he just needs to re-tell a few old jokes, exaggerate incidents and make everyone laugh whilst he gets to sip the booze everyone is buying.

Well off course it’s not limited to males. Girls too. We call these people poachers and perhaps, you’ve met poachers, known poacher or you’re one of them.


T1 Wema 1 and the mellow rap king Mile managed to create dope verses to the theme. The award nominaated rapper T1 always manages to prove that his delivery and lyricism has gone a notch up. It is impressive. The branding is still through, beautiful artwork done by himself of course. No room for disappointment, it will have to sleep outside.

Produced by McLyne Beats and mixed and mastered by Vic Enlisted. Great combination as far as the creation of the track is concerned. I did go out to social media this week to express my love for both their work.

McLyne has always been good with songs that have hit potential. He is talented in that field and I think he iss growing. On the other hand Victor Enlisted’s skills on the mixes and masters is hard too compete with.

I am impressed.



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