Art Department (Tone Lakeside x Navy Seal x Ill Sicker)– Bang (Hip-hop...

Art Department (Tone Lakeside x Navy Seal x Ill Sicker)– Bang (Hip-hop Song)

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Navy Seal, Tone Lakeside  and Ill Sicker (The Art department) are Bulawayo based Hip-hop artistes. In August this year they released a single known as Ride With Us, together with a promotional video which featured songstress Alaina (of the Juice Box fame). They have released a new offering which is part of their forthcoming project “While You Were Sleeping”.

bang navy seal

Ride With Us Landed the on number 3 of School Of Hip-hop charts show on Power FM, now they are back with a First Class production. First Class is the duo that created the beat for Navy Seal’s Diplomatic (featuring Karma and Trae Yung).

The song is basically all 3 emcees talking about how they get by to make money in the “hood”. The Art Department has a resemblance of African American gangster rap in their music though the realities they talk of are true of Zimbabwe. Most DJ’s have criticized them as sounding “too American” but when you sit down to listen beyond their style of delivery you can find the real message in their music. They even shout out places like Gweru, Harare, Bulawayo and Northend (the neighbourhood they represent).

The song is a turn up banger with street bounce and witty lyricism for the most part. The concept is that the crew (Art Department) goes with a bang at whatever they do. Anyone who does things to the best of their abilities should relate to this. As a blogger I think I go “bang” at writing. What do you do?

Anyway, we wait for the release of their forthcoming album. They will have to prove if it will be a “bang”. You can download the song here or stream it below.

To get it via whatsapp contact Navy Seal on +263773930128


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