A Genius Called “Verseless Philo” Drops An EP

A Genius Called “Verseless Philo” Drops An EP

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A “verseless philosopher” and creative virtuoso known as Verseless Philo from Harare recently dropped an EP titled “Home EP” which is filled with experimental sounds and beatboxing. The man is a genius, perhaps something like a Kanye West in Zimbabwe, but see he has his own sound. – In case the “Kanye” analogy makes you think for a second that he is making music in that direction.

He is not just Hip-hop. He will be categorized as an Afro-future, House, Hip-hop artiste. Did I mention he also does video production, graphics and photography besides being a computer genius. Well, try the link below and tell me if I am bluffing.


Verseless Philo Home EP

The EP is full of beatboxed tracks with beautiful melodies in it. I do not think conventional music instruments were used for this. The 4 track EP features Fluid, Sharky and Lincoln The Prez. The title track home has hard bars and beautiful melodies. Lincoln has been off my radar for a while was glad to hear him spit on this project. -Hip-hop is alive in Chitungwiza.

The message in the title track is for people to feel at home in their own identity. The message touches on people absorbing foreign cultures and pretending to be certain people for social media. Sharky touches on the issue of girls bleaching for acceptance in a world that gives special prefference to lighter skinned girls. (Which is obviously an inferiority complex caused by thinking that black skin is inferior and anything closer to white man is special)

I personally endorse that message and I love how this guy is coming in to fuse genres you would never  imagined on the same song. Such talent should not go unnoticed.

Other songs on this EP are songs like Run, Sparks and Freedom.

Verseless is a great innovator on the Zimbabwean music scene. He recently featured on  Marcques and Mile’s album, Lost In Translation with about 2 productions.


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