3 Cartoon Poems I Made You May Find Interesting

3 Cartoon Poems I Made You May Find Interesting

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Well in Case you’ve never watched any of my animation and know me only as a blogger today I thought of embedding 3 Cartoon Poems I have made befor. Some are old and some are more recent. I also definitely have more work than that on my Youtube Channel but I handpicked these ones just for you to check them out.

1. This one released in February of 2013 – Beautiful Africa. It was one of the first animated products I decided to upload onto youtube as I began to embark on my creative journey. It is not a funny video but if you like African conscious poetry it’s for you.


2. I created this one for a Ghanaian Poet known as Kwame Write, it’s my first outside Zimbabwe project but it opened doors for me. I am going to be working with Kenya, Nigerian creatives soon.

3. Today I dropped This one….

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