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Loving father

The Role Of Men Undermined By New Society

In the old world order men were a symbol of power, respect and security. Much like ZESA, The President and the police. Looking at my newsfeed on Facebook during Father’s day, I realized that world view was fast fading away …

Truth is not measured in Mass appeal

The Possible Truth About Lies

I don’t know. There is a probability of me being mistaken in this opinion article but I will say what I think about being wrong; People have to learn to admit when they do not know even though human beings …


Zaangoma To Host Hip-hop Party on 26 June

Harare,Zimbabwe-22 May 2015-Recently launched hip hop show Zaangoma has been making significant progress since the release of its debut episode in March this year. The show`s producers have shown positive intent by hosting renowned local hip hop acts like Munetsi,Shingirayi …