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What's Mcpotar Up To

Mcpotar (also Michael Mupotaringa) is a Bulawayo born Zimbabwean hip-hop emcee, award winning hip-hop blogger, 2-D animator and practicing Dental Therapist, whose style of rap had early influence much from Kanye West, P.Diddy and Zubz. His rap is mostly a mixture of English and Shona, with a few verses where he has expressed in Ndebele. Mcpotar’s subject matters are mostly a depiction of social struggle and spirituality though he does have themes on about love-life,braggadocio, glamour and party-life occasionally.

Mcpotar Zim Hiphop Blogger

Current and Recent Projects

The artiste has released 3 singles from the beginning of 2015, the most recent being Zvakusungisa, a catchy upbeat rap-song that playfully takes a jibe at jealousy over success and marginalization. The production is on it has been done by The Hitmen. In 2014 the artiste released 2 Videos off his debut EP, The Mcpotar EP and is now currently completing the video to That’s All, a Christian single released on i-Tunes when the year was young. Besides music he has been presenting and producing a budding online hip-hop show known as Zaangoma, doing seminars on social media and authoring a book among other things.

Brief History

Mcpotar grew up doing winning literary contests for prose and poetry at Milton Junior School, then spent most of his high school life self producing demos in friends rooms against his parents will. He met Navy Seal along the way in boarding school and they’ve worked hand in hand since. Platforms such as Mashoko by Magamba elevated his talent by a long shot. He has also worked with Sharky, Xndr, First Class Beatz, Annie Maliki, Thembelihle Zulu, The Art Department and Quence Motion along with other artistes of his time.

Career Highlights

In 2013 Mcpotar established a website known as which focused on music, opinion articles and artiste reviews. It scored him writing gigs with platforms such as Kalabash Media, Zim Link (as Chief Editor), News24Zim and 3-mob. Furthermore he got featured in the Daily News, The Sunday News, The Southern Eye, Newsday and innumerable blogs in 2014 for his multiple gifts and milestones. The relevance of his writing managed to feed his music and fan base throughout 2014 leading to the Zimbabwe Hip-hop Award’s best online media award victory. In 2015, he plans to perform more and enter the mainstream through radio, television and all available mediums.
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