The Power Of Being You

​One of the fundamental enquiries the individual makes is, “Who am I?”. We tend to seek clarity of identity and purpose and beyond reasonable doubt most of our traits are inherited from heredity, observation, study or environment.

 A wise man …

Guluva 7 Chooses Zim Hip-hop Soccer Team

I had an interview with Bulawayo born, award winning, Ndebele rap lyricist, Guluva 7. We talked about much in an interview where he revealed his chosen soccer team for Hip-hop.  Read the interview below.


You won an award last year.

Would Femcee Geezy Foxie Date A Rapper?

Decided to inbox the new school female rapper Geezy Foxie, for an interview. Knowing that she has dropped a few singles, I needed to dig deeper on whether she is single or not, who she is dating and why them. …

Meister Pens Open Letter

It’s open letter season and Zimbabweans have caught the  “Yours Truly” flu. The craziest of them are sending open letters to “bae” on their walls. No lie, we saw a certain producer in our midst go through this recently didn’t

Of Backsliding Born Again Christians

Once upon a time, I was a 16 year old at Dadaya High School with nothing but good intent, listening to my favourite Jay Z and Eminem singles after study with Navy Seal and my other friends.  We cherished these …

Spice up your love life effortlessly

If music be the food of love, Mile’s freshest musical compilation The Midnight EP is like a large pizza, a bucket of marinated chicken drumsticks, chips and a litre of coke to burp it off. – Baba Tencen style.

The …